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About Us 1

About Us

Established in the year 2016 as a private limited firm, Aester India Pvt Ltd has set out itself to become a leading firm to bring about drastic changes in the Electronics and IT industry. Since then we are in a continuous effort in wide range of integrated solutions – Integrated Business solutions, System Applications, Cloud and CDN services, Product Development, Internet/ Intranet application & Network Management services to improve business performance.

Why Choose Aester?

• Dedicated hardware developers and software engineers who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in creating customised services and products just  for you.

• Administrative support team to assist you in all your needs.

• Management professionals who overlook all the products and services and ensure that you are given the best service.

• Project Managers who manage your projects and ensure that they get completed with finesse.

• Web developers who use their creative and technical skills to generate original and unique web designs.

• Business analysts who scope the market to secure the latest and best services.

• Sales and marketing professionals who guarantee our customers of high quality services and products with utmost transparency.

• Customer service representatives who assure to help you with all your queries.

Our Features


Aims to create new technology or information that can improve the effectiveness of products and make the production of products more efficient. An attempt to satisfy our curiosity about something unknown. Work directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes. Discovering solutions to problems or creating new products and knowledge.


We encompass many different skills and disciplines in the productions and maintenance of websites. Planning, Creation, and Updation of websites and includes web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimisation.


Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development in a country. Create an end-to-end implementation framework for skill development, which provides opportunities for life-long learning. Includes incorporation of skilling in the school & college curriculum, providing opportunities for quality long and short-term skill training, by providing gainful employment and ensuring career progression that meets the aspirations of trainees.


Develop systems and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management and manufacturing and automate many back-end functions related to technology, services and human resources. ERP systems tie together and define a plethora of business processes and enable the flow of data between them.


Next generation Web Applications to help you sail smoothly through challenging and constantly evolving technological changes. Automate processes, manage data and make your work easier. Designing a software that is specially developed for an organisation or other users to offer excellent usability, scalability and universal compatibility.


Training and Internship Programs designed for an organization or persons to train on specific aspects of their job processes or responsibilities. We ensure that you improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. Students or Trainee can gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. We also provide hands on training to develop skill and also help student to develop their language skill.